Raising Celtic Park to the next level

A fan initiated campaign to transform The Celtic End into a safe standing section

What is The Celtic End?

The Celtic End is a campaign to turn the traditional Celtic End of Celtic Park into an iconic stand famous for its vocal and visual support of Celtic. The best possible example we can give you of this is Borussia Dortmund’s famous ‘Yellow Wall’.

Why is this needed?

Most iconic stadiums and clubs have famous, traditional ends which vociferously and colourfully support their team. Sadly, Celtic Park lacks such a stand.

The current standing section holds 2,700 with a similar number on a waiting list. Bhoys Celtic currently occupy the opposite corner and are growing in number.

On European nights, most of the Lisbon Lions end will stand. At Hampden, the entire goal end – and usually more – will stand.

Given the option, we believe tens of thousands would choose to stand at matches and we believe this would transform the atmosphere in Celtic Park for the better.

What is our aim?

The only solution, which caters for all and importantly produces the best stadium atmosphere, is one large, united standing section. We believe the natural place for this is the traditional Celtic End. Although our vision is of a full stand (lower and upper), the lower stand is the natural starting point.

Who is The Celtic End for?

The Celtic End is for everyone. While the ultras may lead the singing from behind the goals, the stand is big enough to cater for all types of supporters who wish to stand.

And if you don’t wish to stand, you will enjoy the noise and colour generated from the The Celtic End, from the comfort of a seat in another stand.

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